Subject: Zimbabwe Pension Entitlements
WITHHELD PENSION ARREARS DO NOT DIE WITH THE PENSIONER. They remain a debt which can be claimed by his or her estate.

I am an 83 year old Zimbabwe pensioner, now living in Australia, and I urge you to sign this petition, which I have created for the benefit of my family and the families of Zimbabwe pensioners worldwide. Also because I am enraged by the silent and indifferent acceptance of our lost pensions.

Last year, the G8 countries cancelled 3.5 billion dollars of African debt: now they are discussing more billions to be given for reconstruction. A fraction of this money would settle all Zimbabwe pension entitlements.

With your support - A CLICK OF THE MOUSE ON THE PETITION - we can let the world know that if pensions are not honoured, we are all dishonoured and Human Rights are in the dustbin.

Mugabe is my age, he will soon be out. G8 and U.N. will be in, currency stabilised and pension entitlements paid in real money,if this petition succeeds.

Rights are never won unless people are willing to fight for them. So, please, CLICK ON THE WEBSITE shown below, READ THE PETITION, CLICK ON - SIGN THE PETITION, add comments if you wish and then pass it on.

I am open to any helpful suggestions, or, make your comments on the petition at the bottom of the web page (and sign by clicking on CLICK HERE).



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