Dagaboys - Who are We?

"Dagaboy" - The terminology and an interesting observation.

" Zimbabwe has a proud history of hunting and conservation. This we all know and have known from the days of the "Daga boys." As far as I can tell, the term "Daga boy" is associated with the once poorly paid National Parks employees who had an "unhealthy" love for hardship, wild areas and even wilder animals and a disregard for the material benefits of the modern world (except perhaps women and beer).

Daga boys, along with a handful of similar eccentric bush types, are synonymous with the origin of professional hunting, high ethical standards and visionary conservation initiatives.

Conservation was their life, it had intrinsic value and was natured and cared for accordingly."

The above "definition" if I may call it that has been taken from an article entitled "Ethical Questions" (African Hunter Magazine No 6 of 2003) and is written by Patrick Aust* I guess not too many of us have sat down and given the term "Dagaboy" any real thought other than to assess, or compare the similarities of the characteristics we might think we see in ourselves and that of an aging buffalo bull bespattered with mud.

Well, I guess we never quite see ourselves as others do, the former "definition" certainly gives credence to what has been muted for many years - The staff, with their loyalty and dedication made the department the finest wildlife agency of it's kind! * Patrick Aust is the son Lt. Col. Charlie Aust (O/C RLI '79-80)

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