Dagaboys Appeals

Know of someone in need? Place an appeal here for assistance. Or do you know how to contact someone?

Does anyone know or knew Roger and/or Ruth Evans? Please pass on any info they have to Bryan at bryanevans@iprimus.com.au.

Message from a friend:
I received an e-mail from Roger Evans's stepbrother Bryan. I don't know if you knew Roger but he was killed on an anti-poaching patrol in Wankie in May, 1980.  Bryan only found out he had a brother Roger when he was 15 years old and he never actually knew Roger at all. He managed to track down Roger's two sisters but Roger was already deceased by then. He is trying to fill in the void of never having known Roger by finding out as much as he can about him, what he was like, who his friends were and any interesting stories about him etc and also any info about Ruth his wife as he would like to contact Ruth.   I have told him what I can which is not very much and I think Mike Bromwich has given him Mark Butcher's contact address as he was with Roger when he was killed and also the address for Barney O'Hara and I think Derek Langman who is supposed to have seen Ruth in Cape Town at some stag


Please would you put out the word and ask whether anyone has a computer no longer needed, perhaps we could all have a whip around and buy it for Marion Babcock - do you remember her? - she worked at Parks Head Office all her working life, long after the rest of us had withdrawn. I visited Pat Gill yesterday, she is in an old age home and Marion rides on her bike to visit her from a long way off. Pat said that if Marion had a computer she would be able to work from home and earn a bit of much needed cash. I think she would appreciate it 100% and I feel she needs our assistance if we can give it to her. Please respond direct to Tim Paulet whose email address paulet@icon.co.zw

e-mail mikebromtaxidermy@gatorzw.com

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For further details of 'Dagaboys' please e-mail mikebromtaxidermy@gatorzw.com