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Recipes for sweets that go with chocolates or can be
ipped in chocolate

Truffles from overheated chocolate

Overheated chocolate makes excellent truffles with the addition of cream or sour cream and icing sugar together with perhaps a small amount of brandy. Whisky or rum. The Mixture may be pressed into an icing tray, made into small balls or pressed into a tray and then cut into triangles or squares. Roll in icing sugar, cocoa, chocolate vermicelli or hundreds and thousands or dip in chocolate and then decorate. These sweets make an acceptable addition to the after dinner coffee tray

Microwave Fudge

1 tin condensed milk
2 cups sugar (white or brown according to flavouring used)
120 gr butter

Put all ingredients into a large bowl and microwave on High for 2 minutes stir until very well mixed and return to microwave cooking for 8 minutes at 100% power remove bowl from microwave and add whatever flavouring you like ie. Chocolate, cocoa, vanilla, maple, peppermint

Mix in well & return to microwave to cook on 100% power for another 2 minutes. Remove bowl from microwave and add any quantity of nuts, raisins, cherries etc that you like

Pour into a greased square dish and leave to cool before cutting into squares or triangles

Black and white truffles

125gr milky bars
1 egg yolk
15gr butter
25ml thick cream
.5ml rum or sherry
250gr sifted icing sugar
chocolate vermicelli tiny paper cases

Break up milky bars and melt either over hot water or in the microwave oven.

Add egg yolk, butter, cream and rum or sherry and beat until smooth

Gradually beat in icing sugar until mixture forms a firm paste

When quite cold roll mixture into small balls using the palms of your hands and roll each in chocolate Vermicelli

Place in paper cases and leave to cool.

Makes about 35 truffles

Brandy balls

Melt 150 grams dark chocolate
150 grams milk chocolate
12.5 ml butter
combine with
175gr coconut
5ml vanilla essence
75ml brandy

Roll into teaspoon sized balls and leave on greaseproof paper to cool

Brandy bombs

50 gr dark chocolate
25 ml golden syrup
25 ml brandy
20 ml whisky or dark rum
100 gr marie or tennis biscuits finely crushed
50 gr finely chopped pecan nuts

Sifted icing sugar for dredging - sweet paper cases
Blend all ingredients in a large bowl

Roll 5 ml amounts of the mixture into balls and dredge in icing sugar - place in paper cases - pack on trays and refrigerate until firm.

Best after one weeks storage may be stored in refrigerator for up to 3 weeks

Coconut ice

400gr sugar
150ml milk
200gr coconut
Red food colouring

Microwave sugar and milk 9 minutes on 100% power
Stir every 2 minutes
Add coconut - mix well
Spoon half of the mixture into greased square dish -

Colour rest pink and spread over white layer

Allow to cool and cut into bars

makes 24 squares - if double quantity is required make one lot in white & one in colour as mixture is inclined to boil over so making a large quantity is not practical


100 gr white chocolate - melted
cup -shaped moulds or foil cases
100 gr dark chocolate
15 gr butter
80 ml cream
12.5 ml orange liqueur
25 ml icing sugar - sifted
Silver balls for decoration
Paper sweet cases to serve

Paint melted white chocolate on to base and sides of Chocolate moulds refrigerate a few minutes then apply a second coat -

Chill until firm and carefully remove from moulds or Cases and set aside

Melt dark chocolate and butter - add cream and liqueur - stir until well blended - allow to cool and chill until firm - beat in icing sugar place filling in piping bag fitted with a star nozzle and pipe into prepared cases - top each with a silver ball

Place each collette into a paper sweet case

Fruit Balls

Roll Christmas pudding into balls and dip each in dark chocolate

Leave to harden and decorate with cherries and angelica - ideal for using up Christmas pudding that is left over

Marbled shells

Gently mix small amounts of dark and white chocolate Leaving the chocolate streaky. Alternatively use crunchy white chocolate
Spoon into shell shaped moulds - leaving a small depression

Fill with finely chopped pecan nuts and cover with a Layer of chocolate

Marzipan chocolates

Roll marzipan into a sausage shape and cut into thin slices

Dip each slice into melted dark chocolate and top with a Whole nut

fill a piping bag with white melted chocolate and drizzle A little over each - refrigerate until set.

Mocha truffles

30ml cocoa powder
15ml coffee powder
45ml hot water
30ml rum or brandy or whisky
50ml raisins
45ml warmed apricot jam
185ml cake crumbs
185ml crushed sweet biscuits
Chocolate vermicelli or cocoa powder to coat

Place chocolate broken into pieces, condensed milk and butter in large bowl and microwave on high 2 to 3 Minutes until smooth - stir in peppermint flavouring

Pour mixture into a pan lined with foil - refrigerate until set.

Turn out onto a board and mark into sections - cut into Neat triangles

Fill a piping bag with melted chocolate and pipe a Pattern on each triangle - refrigerate until set.

Serve in paper cases

White rum truffles

125gr butter
300gr icing sugar
30ml white rum
100gr white Chocolate

Cream softened butter and icing sugar - add rum and mix well

Microwave chocolate in glass bowl on medium 4 to 5 Minutes - stir into rum mixture

Set aside to cool - chill in fridge for about 4 hours

Form into small balls = coat in chocolate vermicelli -

Keep in fridge until required

Use brandy instead of rum in which case substitute milk chocolate for white. Do not use cooking chocolate

Peanut brittle

500 ml sugar
12.5 ml cold water
250 gr. Peanuts
Pinch of salt

Melt sugar with salt and water until it looks like golden syrup.

Add peanuts and pour mixture into a greased pan

When set break into pieces


500 ml caster sugar
125 ml cold water
12.5 ml gelatine
125 ml hot water
2 ml rose pink colouring
Toasted coconut to cover

Place sugar and cold water in a bowl and mix at high speed with and electric hand mixer

Dissolve gelatine in hot water and pour onto sugar mixture.\ Beat about 15 minutes until thick and then colour and flavour as required pour into an oiled tin and place in the fridge until set when set cut in squares with scissors and coat with coconut.

Vienna almonds

125 gr. Unblanched almonds
250 ml caster sugar
80 ml water
3 ml vanilla essence

Place sugar, water and vanilla into a pan.

Stir over medium heat until sugar is dissolved.

Bring to boil and boil gently until mixture just begins to turn brown at the edges.

Add almonds all at once and remove from the heat - stir with a wooden spoon until the mixture becomes hard and crumbly and the sugar has formed a coating around the almonds

Remove almonds from the pan and return the pan to heat until excess sugar in the Pan has melted

Stir mixture over heat to break up any small lumps and quickly add the almonds to the redissolved sugar - stir twice and remove from the heat

Stir quickly until almonds are coated with sugar mixture and then spread out onto a lightly greased baking tray - allow to cool

Almond drops

150 gr. Ground almonds
150 gr. Sifted icing sugar
3 ml orange essence
1 egg white
Sliced almonds

Mix all to a paste except the sliced almonds
Knead well and shape into small egg shapes
Decorate with sliced almonds
(Use macadamia nuts for a change!)

Cake made of chocolates

Arrange chocolates (about 4 per person ) on a cake stand and serve as a wedding cake or other special occasion cake

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