What is it's value?
Odette H Lind - Personal Trainer
Affiliate member of the Computer Society of Zimbabwe

The ICDL is designed to help the individual in the workplace and at home to make the most of their computer and its various programs.

It will confirm to potential employers that you have a recognized, relevant qualification and that you are familiar with computer systems and programs.

A company who wished to train up its workforce and ensure they are computer literate have a standard on which they can be trained.

In the home, the ICDL training will assist homemakers and students to get the very best out of their computer by being trained to a competent standard.

Benefits of ICDL Certification for the individual include:

  • Increase your confidence to participate in the global digital society
  • Improve the quality of your life by gaining a better working knowledge of computers
  • Increase your value in the workplace by possessing a valuable credential
  • Establish a solid range of basic computer skills on which to increase your computer literacy

ICDL for Employers

  • The ICDL provides a simple and reliable means of identifying computer competencies of both existing employees and future job applicants.
  • By adopting ICDL as a standard for all employees, you can ensure consistent and desired levels of IT ability throughout the organisation.
  • Many employers around the world now agree on the need for a standard definition of practical competence in IT.

Benefits of ICDL Certification:

  • Establish a computer competency standard for current and new employees
  • Improve employee productivity and increase returns from investments in IT
  • Reduce IT support costs
  • Identify training needs of employees and measure the efficacy of training programs
  • Use ICDL as an effective model for designing fundamental IT education and training in the organisation
  • Reduce the inherent risks in recruiting, hiring and promotion decisions
  • Help motivate staff, increase their self-esteem and sense of achievement.

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