How it works
Odette H Lind - Personal Trainer
Affiliate member of the Computer Society of Zimbabwe

The syllabus is designed to cover all the key concepts of computer use, the practical applications and their usage in office and home.

There are seven modules all of which must be passed before the ICDL is issued.

ICDL is open to anyone regardless of age, education, experience or background. As a rule 12 is the minimum age.

A skills card is issued which is signed by the accreditation testing centre each time an exam is passed - when all exams have been passed the skills card is exchanged for the ICDL certificate and card.

Odette Lind offers you expert training to assist you to pass the modules as well as gain knowledge in computer usage. Various time spans are offered to give you the training YOU need.

Training is done in a relaxed atmosphere and can be individual or in small groups.

Should large groups require training this can be arranged but it is suggested that the maximum size of the group does not exceed ten persons.

All tests are to be taken at a seperate test centre.

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