Origins of the Name Lind

Origin of Family: The Lind of Gorgie branch

The Norman Line

Buchanan Tartan as worn by the Linds is to be found here....

LIND family history, starting about the 1100's, was an ancient and illustrious family. The LIND family was affiliated with many different clans through marriage. The clan BUCHANAN claims the LIND family as a sept or directly affiliated family, entitled to clan rights including the use of the clan tartan shown here. The LIND family first appears in the records of Ayrshire where they were recorded as an ancient Ayrshire family before the year 1100. The notable LIND family is shown in the ancient manuscripts and cartularies as tracing their ancestry to Strathclyde Briton origin


The Lind Coat of Arms

The most ancient LIND family Coat of Arms was recorded between the 12th and 15th centuries.

The Coat of Arms shown on the left is that of Lind of Gorgie.

The Shield is: Red with two crossed spears a star at the top and a crescent in base.
The Crest is
: Two sprigs of laurel.
The motto is
: "Semper Virescit Virtus"

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