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Lind family tree - with photographs
The Dukes of Guise and Lorraine
The Merovingian Kings

George Lind of Gorgie
Jane Digby
Odette Lind
Leonard Boucher

Jane Digby
Odette Lind
Leonard Boucher

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Origins of the Family
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The Linds - Photographs
James Lind
Jane Digby
Leonard Boucher
Odette Lind
Helene Mladova
Digby Family
Who was Pemmie
The Lind Tartans
Was James Lind the Inspiration for Frankenstein?

Zimbabwe Genweb - for all your Zimbabwe Genealogical queries - E- mail :

Adrian, and Odette, live in Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa and are interested in all aspects of genealogy. The Lind family is one of the oldest in Scotland. We are interested in hearing from anyone doing research into the family history. Stuart Lind lives in Mocmbique
Alexander Lind lives in Pretoria SA

Adrian has a copy of the family tree traced back to 1200 but would be glad to exchange facts with anyone interested.

Odette is descended from the Digby family and is a 5th cousin of Lady Jane Digby. Her mother came from the Havelock family that traces its origins in England to Havelock the Dane. Her father Leonard Boucher lived in Zimbabwe until his death.

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We will reply as soon as possible - we can trace through the archives and/or directories and draw upon information we have at hand.

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Gordon and Judy Lind were born in Zimbabwe and still live here.
Gordon and Judy Lind, Children, Michelle and James
Email address is
Postal address is : P O Box M111, Mabelreign, Harare

Doug Lind in Canada - - e-mail:

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The de Villiers Clan

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